Thursday, 24 May 2012


No biggies today =(

Lure Review - Zipbaits Rigge MD56SS

It's been awhile since the last lure review, and since it was my first fishing trip after a long break i said why not? The latest lures to hit the shelves of my frequently visited tackle store are the new batches of Zipbait lures. I was showered with a huge array of finesse baits from the Rigge series. And so, the selected lure of choice for today's review, the Rigge MD56SS.

Zipbaits Rigge 56SS

Length: 40mm
Weight: 3.5g
Slow Sinking 

Design: The Zipbaits Rigge MD56SS is a medium slim profile jerkbait which comes with Zipbaits proprietary  Mag Drive system which allows optimal casting and retrieve balance. The Mag Drive system is essentially a weight transfer system, which unlike something like the ball bearing transfer in Yozuri/Duel's Aile Magnet minnows, the Mag Drive features a MZ-19 (custom designed gravity Tungsten weight system) which slides along a bronze bored shaft; sliding to the rear during cast for long and balanced casting, and sliding forward during retrieval. The MZ-19 features a magnet at the head of the weight which locks on to the steel plate at the start of the shaft enabling a stable retrieve with no unpredicted movements. 
Mag Drive system

Color choices

Casting: Weighting at 3.5 grams, the Rigge MD56SS casts like a breeze hitting acceptable target ranges effortlessly on a finesse setup. The MD56SS is able to hit the 80-90 feet ranges on my tuned up Core 50mg7 spooled with 6lbs Sufix 832 paired to a Majorcraft volkey 652UL/BFS. Flight path was straight and true. Casting was good and reaches adequate fishing distance but nothing mind blowing. 

Action: The Rigge MD56SS has a tight wiggling action on constant straight retrieve but the X-factor of the lure comes from fast constant twitching retrieval. 

Fast twitching enables a provocative darting action bound to attract predatory fishes. Aside to the action, the MD

56SS is one of the most effortless-to-twitch lure and has extremely low water resistance; just enough for you to feel connected. You can work this lure all day without ending the day with an aching wrist, and that's definitely a big plus for lurers who enjoys working jerkbaits all day.

In conclusion: Priced in the lower regions of typical JDM offerings, this is an effective jerkbait that casts effortlessly and well but the major plus point of the lure comes from the fast darting action from hard twitches and the complete lack of effort needed to work this jerkbait. Nothing particularly huge was landed today during the test thus nothing much can be commented about construction durability of the lure, Nonetheless, the paintwork and construction, visibly, seems plenty legit. However the hooks supplied with the lure, though superbly sharp, was of a pretty thin gauge and disappointingly opened up pretty easily to these small peacocks no larger than 400grams. 

Opened hooks!!

Examinations suck!

Some materials to excite me, coming back from a long break away from the water

Finally!! The examinations are over and my tackles locked away deep within my wardrobes shall finally see light. The blog has seen no updates over the past few weeks due to intense studying and the separation of me from my tackles.

Just as i had my tackle bag packed for an early session tomorrow morning to cure me of the withdrawal symptoms, lightnings are flashing, thunder crashing outside my bedroom window right now. Seems my hopes are dashed as the water at my planned fishing ground will be a murky brown by tomorrow morning due to the overnight rain.

Nonetheless fishing shall be done soon. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Good day turned bad.

At 6+ PM i recieved a called from home, informing me that my "package" have arrived. I couldn't contain the excitement within! After a week of searching i finally decided to pull the trigger on yet another finesse rod. This time, one that could not be found locally. After several emails with the japanese online retailer, the rod was shipped

After i receiving my bill i found the shipping to be dirt cheap. As expected the rod was shipped without a PVC protection tube. And this has caused a magnificent day to be turned around; when i discovered....

Upon opening of the package i heard an uncomfortable clanking noise. Unfortunately the worst had happened, the event i was so afraid would happen unravelled right in front of me. My brand new unused rod came in 3 piece instead of 2.

The only tiniest bit of consolation was that i did not put my hard earned cashed on the twice-as-expensive Qu-on super dynamis series rods and opted for the mid end trickster series. Now all that is left is the wait for a reply from the tackle store to aid me in getting my money back. =( on a side note, the qu-on trickster turned out stiffer than i expected thus if i could get my cash back instead of a return i'd definitely opt for the buck and this time, wait patiently for the right rod. A painful lesson indeed.


It was a pretty bountiful night out. I managed to hit 3 different species that night. 

Project BaitFinesseCore
Volkey VKC-652UL BFS 3-10lb
Sufix 832 6lbs mainline
Berkley Vanish 8lb shock leader
Rapala Ultralight minnow UL6

 Project BaitFinesseCore
Volkey VKC-652UL BFS 3-10lb
Sufix 832 6lbs mainline
Berkley Vanish 8lb shock leader
Ima Foxy Fry

Project BaitFinesseCore
Volkey VKC-652UL BFS 3-10lb
Sufix 832 6lbs mainline
Berkley Vanish 8lb shock leader
Ima Foxy Fry