Saturday, 16 February 2013


 Have been fishing quite abit lately as my cousin, who has picked up luring was being extremely enthusiastic about his new hobby. Thus i carried out my duty of fueling the fire in him faithfully by going on trips constantly.  Thus far he has accounted for a decent number of fishes and the various species of local forays were slowly being ticked off one after another! He will probably guest blog an article on here soon. But for now, i shall spare the lines and deliver some pictures of the recent haul.

Starting with another addition to my Ultralight Arsenal

A Shimano Cardiff 64SUL-B. 2.5-5lbs poundage, as light as it gets.
Below are some of the catches on it's first day out. Pretty decent i'd say.

3 Temensis on 3 different color DUO Spearhead Ryuki lures. Epic runs on the noodle rod.

Some catches in the night. 

This Massive Zebra put on helluva fight taking deep dives and strong bursts. I had absolutely no clue it was a Zebra Cichlid at the other end of the line during the tussle.

The usual

Wacky good fun.

This was one of the more handsome specimen landed.

Ending off with one of the joyous moments we often look forward to with your buddies.