Monday, 30 December 2013

End of 2013

Ending 2013 by displaying some of Lure × Style Baitfinesse special collection.

JT's completed BFS alphas

 The twins

Bear's take on the BFS alphas

Hearts of the machines

Yumeya Spooled Met13

Avail × Zpi BFS XG

 Family portrait

3 more BFS projects are still underway and will see light on Lure × Style once they are completed!

2013 has reached its final few hours and the crew from Lure × Style are packing their bags in preparation for a trip to Taiwan. This will be a vacation trip with some tackle shopping and of course some large mouth bass fishing. Updates on the blog to come soon!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

One can never have too many tackles.

Over the few months i've managed to gather a bunch of new toys, unfortunately however, i have been unable to update lurerstyle as much as i'd like to.

Countless trips were made to some of the local reservoirs with each, resulting in varying outcome but as the cliche sayings goes; a day out fishing always beats a day at work. 

On a side note, the lurerstyle group has pretty much all gone baitfinesse bananas, with most of them having at least one setup for baitfinesse, as we all was just a matter of time, it's one helluva dark and slippery road for the many who just can't seem to get enough. =P

What was exciting however, was the amount of toys i have acquired over these few months, and without too much of rambling i shall let most of the pictures do the talking.

First up is a new reel which is an Aldebaran BFS XG which has been procured for wacky rigs, shakey heads and other finesse soft plastic applications.

 At Lure × Style, Reels don't stay stock for long.

Hedgehog Studios Air BFS bearings flushed and installed.

 With all the custom touches; the end product.

 And a beautiful peacock to go along.

Than came a Daiwa Airedge-662LB Baitfinesse Versatile 

And a small catch to start the count.

And then came my third Megabass Destroyer, the F2-60X Criffhanger. Courtesy of my dearest cousin whom despite the trouble, hand-carried this baby back from Taiwan for me. 

Start the count with something more exciting. 54cm

And finally one last toy which i've had for awhile but kept hush hush from my dear readers because its not fully completed yet. But here's what it is right now.

A finesse tuned alphas with all the works (missing my clicking drag star conversion; enroute to Singapore right now) This project actually started before the release of the Zonda Hedgehog. More stories bout it later.

This picture is also a sneak preview of a impromptu "photoshoot" for some baitfinesse reels used by the guys here at Lure × Style. More to come and further in-depth look at the tackles!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Missing in action?

Lurerstyle have been missing!!!! It has been a long time since the last update. While the occasional fishing was still ongoing the lack of updates due to other commitment had left the blog dead for several months.

More time was spent on other JDM stuff =p

But still made moments to meet our finned buddies

Over the months i have acquired another Majorcraft Volkey, the 692XUL-BFS model which is a really good rod at an exceptional price value. The rod was really light, sensitive had a nice whippy and soft tip coupled with a strong butt section for when you need to put pressure on the fish.

Besides the rod, the other BFS project reel was completed.

Locally the tilapias are not too receptive to lures.

This reel is pretty phenomenal in performance. A closer look on it to come up soon.

Saturday, 16 February 2013


 Have been fishing quite abit lately as my cousin, who has picked up luring was being extremely enthusiastic about his new hobby. Thus i carried out my duty of fueling the fire in him faithfully by going on trips constantly.  Thus far he has accounted for a decent number of fishes and the various species of local forays were slowly being ticked off one after another! He will probably guest blog an article on here soon. But for now, i shall spare the lines and deliver some pictures of the recent haul.

Starting with another addition to my Ultralight Arsenal

A Shimano Cardiff 64SUL-B. 2.5-5lbs poundage, as light as it gets.
Below are some of the catches on it's first day out. Pretty decent i'd say.

3 Temensis on 3 different color DUO Spearhead Ryuki lures. Epic runs on the noodle rod.

Some catches in the night. 

This Massive Zebra put on helluva fight taking deep dives and strong bursts. I had absolutely no clue it was a Zebra Cichlid at the other end of the line during the tussle.

The usual

Wacky good fun.

This was one of the more handsome specimen landed.

Ending off with one of the joyous moments we often look forward to with your buddies.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Revo LTZ K.Imae edition?

Whilst i was figuring whether to start on a new baitfinesse reel project on a Revo elite IB platform or the Revo LTX i chanced upon a new baitfinesse reel based on the LTX. After a little googling i managed to find some more pictures from japanese bloggers. A K imae edition of the Revo LTX dubbed the LT/Z! I hope more information on the reel will be out soon. Looks like i would have to look no further! Just take my money!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year

In a blink of an eye, we have concluded 2012 without any end of the world drama. Right before the year ended i managed to put in some time on the water because i have finally gotten over my exams and free time was at hand. Because my cousin had recently picked up lure fishing seriously, i have been going on various fishing trips all over the island to quench his new found thirst for more luring catches.

Finally managed one on wacky rig while everyone else went home empty handed

It is with every passing year that we look forward to better years ahead. For 2013, we are looking for bountiful catches! Thus it is decided that there is no better way than to start the year than with a new setup, or two. 

Majorcraft Go Emotion GEC-662MH Line: 12-20lbs Lure: 1/4-1oz
NEW!! Shimano Exsence DC

Know for being the bait finesse fanatic, it must have been a shocker that this was no T3 Air?! This is Lurerstyle's latest Medium heavy setup for pond/saltwater/monster snakehead and temensis hunting setup! However the bait finesse tackle urge is too hard to resist! Thus, for 2013...

Blazing Blazon

From the continuation of my previous post i shall now reveal the latest toy i have acquired from Fishing Buddy. As the title already gave it away, it indeed is the new Daiwa Blazon bait finesse model; the 662LB.

The Blazon's action is not stated on the daiwa website but through my usage i feel that it is more of a regular taper. The rod's build quality is pretty well as expected from a mid range daiwa rod. The reel seat is a comfortable item from daiwa and features stainless steel SIC guides. The winding check has a nice touch of carbon fibre bits.

I only had about 3 sessions using this rod in total but i manage to some decent bend down to the butt from a hard pulling peacock as well as a pretty fat red devil cichlid.

The rod is definitely more than capable of hauling bigger sized fishes whilst providing a really direct feel of the fight with its deep bend into the blank, which was the kind of rod action i was looking for. 

When it came to casting the Blazon performed as it was specced handling down to 1/16oz jigheads with mebaru rubber rigs however outright casting distance would be rated pretty average by me. 

While the Daiwa Blazon offered a really nice taper with a fish hooked on, which was what i was looking for, it seemed to lack something, a certain X factor which i've grown accustomed to from my past experience with JDM sticks. I believe this certain feeling is what the japanese anglers described as a rods' "sharpness" a certain crisp sensitivity of a rod built. This rod does exactly what it is designed for however it came without any extraordinary character. I had eventually let it off to a good buddy of mine at a discount and the search continues.