Wednesday, 20 November 2013

One can never have too many tackles.

Over the few months i've managed to gather a bunch of new toys, unfortunately however, i have been unable to update lurerstyle as much as i'd like to.

Countless trips were made to some of the local reservoirs with each, resulting in varying outcome but as the cliche sayings goes; a day out fishing always beats a day at work. 

On a side note, the lurerstyle group has pretty much all gone baitfinesse bananas, with most of them having at least one setup for baitfinesse, as we all was just a matter of time, it's one helluva dark and slippery road for the many who just can't seem to get enough. =P

What was exciting however, was the amount of toys i have acquired over these few months, and without too much of rambling i shall let most of the pictures do the talking.

First up is a new reel which is an Aldebaran BFS XG which has been procured for wacky rigs, shakey heads and other finesse soft plastic applications.

 At Lure × Style, Reels don't stay stock for long.

Hedgehog Studios Air BFS bearings flushed and installed.

 With all the custom touches; the end product.

 And a beautiful peacock to go along.

Than came a Daiwa Airedge-662LB Baitfinesse Versatile 

And a small catch to start the count.

And then came my third Megabass Destroyer, the F2-60X Criffhanger. Courtesy of my dearest cousin whom despite the trouble, hand-carried this baby back from Taiwan for me. 

Start the count with something more exciting. 54cm

And finally one last toy which i've had for awhile but kept hush hush from my dear readers because its not fully completed yet. But here's what it is right now.

A finesse tuned alphas with all the works (missing my clicking drag star conversion; enroute to Singapore right now) This project actually started before the release of the Zonda Hedgehog. More stories bout it later.

This picture is also a sneak preview of a impromptu "photoshoot" for some baitfinesse reels used by the guys here at Lure × Style. More to come and further in-depth look at the tackles!