Thursday, 23 August 2012

Rubbers saved the day!

I had a morning to spare, and so decided to sacrifice some much needed sleep in exchange for a chance to bend some rods. Woke up at 6.15am and headed out to meet a colleague of mine.
Arriving nice and early with the crisp morning air around us, cast after cast was fired out. The water level was extremely low and there was very little surface actions, even at daybreak. 2 hours into the morning, after countless lure changes and not a single take or even a chase. Both of us were pretty disappointed and eventually my friend had decided to pack up his tackle while i decided to rig up a mebaru rubber just to try and hookup something. After several cast i felt a tug and set the hook. Up came a fiesty little bugger.

After several more casts, my friend had to take his leave due to urgent matters and so i walked slowly back to my car. While walking along the canal leading back to my car, i slowly scanned the area for activities and did some sight casting. At the very last moment i spotted a pair of peacocks swimming by and made a quick cast in the direction and made several twitches. A familiar yellow flash swoop out of the weeds and had a go at my tiny mebaru rubber.

Nothing huge, but at least a sizable fish which managed to put up decent dashes to make the entire trip worthwhile. Alas, rubbers saved the day once again.

Saturday, 18 August 2012


Hi guys apologies that this place has been left hanging for awhile. Have been busy with quite a fair bit of stuffs. Of all the other things cluttering my life, one was my new 2wt fly setup.

As much as i'm a hardcore finesse luring freak, seems everything finesse attracts me when it comes down to fishing. Having been doing much of flyfishing in the past year after i discovered the joys of baitcasting finesse and so over the past month i have been doing alot of flyfishing with several buddies of mine and have landed quite a fair bit of fishes but i'll just upload some to tease.

 Double hookups

 Gurglers are great fun to use

 Native water tilapias, fiesty buggers but seldom taken on lure

 One of the many peacocks that fell prey to one of my most attractive patterns; The Flashbelly

Temensis taken on a orange Chenile Charlie

A Haruan also on the Flashbelly