Saturday, 7 July 2012

New Aldebaran BFS XG!!

Hey lurers! Sorry there has been a bit of downtime on Lurerstyle as i was away on vacation in Phuket, Thailand. Unfortunately there was no fishing done on this trip, even though a mighty tranquil creek lies right in front of the resort i was staying at.

As Daiwa rolled out the T3 Air featuring collaboration efforts With K.T.F to cover the new niche trend of bait finesse fishing, Shimano Japan has decided to put up a new contender to the table; The 145g Aldebaran BFS XG!

The Aldebaran BFS XG with a new Sleek matte black finishing

One of the new feature of the Aldebaran BFS XG is a redesigned profile known as the Corefit Body which supposingly gives the reel a much better palming profile for bait finesse application.

The BFS XG comes with a blistering 8.0:1 Gear ratio

 The new drag star on the BFS XG
The BFS XG comes with factory Yumeya BFS spool and a new SVS unit with 8 brake blocks for further fine tuning of braking force for bait finesse application.

Does this reel not resemble my bfs core?! I'm certainly picking one of these up this year after the release to add on to my stable of BFS reels. I'm looking forward to the release of this reels' marketing video by Shimano Japan to check out the reel in action and to find out more information! Till then, keep drooling finesse fans!!