About Us

Welcome to Lurer Style. Lurer style is the brainchild of a dedicated enthusiast group who wishes to promote sport fishing in Singapore by bringing you coverage of the latest in Lure fishing lifestyle and culture.

Singapore is a garden country with lush greeneries and scenic reservoirs however due to the lack of proper conservation regulations or enforcement, fishing has been tough on us anglers. Sport Fishing in Singapore is still in its infancy stage and there are still many, usually bait fishermen who bears the mentality of bagging every single fish they land. This is mainly due to the lack of education in conservation and also the general mindset of Singaporeans. However the tide is slowly turning, more and more anglers especially the youths are picking up lure fishing and due to internet media, Catch and Release has become more widely advocated.

Through this site, we hope to do our little part in promoting conservation. We do not fish for food nor survival. We fish because it is our passion. We can all make a difference by taking the first step. Spread the joy of sport fishing to others who have never perceived fishing the way we did. Show them the anticipation in the chase, the excitement of the fight and lastly the satisfaction of watching that beauty swim off unharmed, and maybe someday, we might meet again.

Practice Catch and Release because its the right thing to do.


  1. You guys are the future of sport angling & we respect you for it!!you have prompted me to go and
    buy a palms molla bait finesse rod & daiwa t3 Air
    oh no here i go again.....
    markp -uk

  2. Hey Mark!

    Nice to hear from you guys from UK!! If everyone is willing do their part in conservation, at the end of the day we are the one benefitting from a rich fishery. It's all about taking what you need and releasing what you don't, but somehow there are still anglers who mindlessly bag everything they land from pregnant fishes to finglings. An example would be the usual pairs of giant snakeheads seen shoaling their fries, the surface commotion would make them easy to spot while their guardian aggression would make them extremely vulnerable to anglers, if the parents are not returned to the school when caught, the fries than becomes easy prey for a group of hungry predators thus diminishing the chance of survival for these fishes.

    I have found bait finesse fishing to be both highly effective and highly satisfactory. Every cast of those tuned bait finesse reels and that deep bend into the noodly soft rods really keeps you coming back for more. Currently i'm facing limitation to my bait finesse rod choices due to the need for 2 piece rods to fit them into my tiny car. However i have a new reel project that will be completed really soon, stay tuned!! I hope you find a suitable combo for yourself soon, go on..you know you want some =D

  3. Hi Lurerstyle! Great fan of your blog. I practise BFS fishing here in Australia as well. It is an exciting and effective way to fish even outside of Japan. Great work!

  4. Hi Marin,

    Sorry for the late reply, one of our guys has just shifted to Australia for further studies and he is a big BFS fan as well. Do drop us your email and maybe i can hook you guys up!

    Thanks for following our humble fishing log!

  5. Hi, are you guys still updating a blog? Have you shifted to another platform?