Wednesday, 10 September 2014

New Megabass Honeycomb spool for Zonda/IP platform!

For all you megabass fans and daiwa reel users out there! Here's the latest Megabass Honeycomb spool tune up option! Ever since the release of reels like the Steez/SS SV and even the Zillion J-Dream, the newer trend out of japan are spool designed with ease of casting in mind, together with the bonus of handling lighter finesse styled rigs.

The new Duralumin Honeycomb Spool for Zonda/Alphas as well as IP/Zillion Platform

The concept behind such spools for example, the Daiwa SV ("Stress-free Versatile") spool, was the creation of a spool that did not required extreme control in order to obtain the highest casting performance; think earlier TDZ Type Rs. But rather, a user friendly spool that allows you to cast all day effortlessly while obtaining optimal performance as you'd expect out of a tuning spool. Plus, with today's modern use of baitcasting gears for finesse rigs previously only thought possible on spinning gears, expectation of finesse capability has only become the industry standard.

With Baitcasting finesse tuning, many a times, anglers are faced with limited line capacity due to the super shallow spools. Thus to plug the hole in this market gap, deeper spools machined to ultralight specifications slowly emerged.

Previous generation MB Honeycomb Spool only suitable for Steez/IS platform

For non Steez/IS users, the second generation of Megabass Honey Comb Spool is coming!

The tuning spool boast a weight reduction of about 4-5g

Zonda/Alphas and IP/Zillion examples

This new spools looks trick as hell and will be released at the end of this month! So, everyone can drool till then!

*All images belongs to Megabass Japan and further information on these beautiful work of arts can be found on the Megabass website at the following URL:

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