Thursday, 19 June 2014

Short trip

Managed to squeeze out an hour plus right before dusk for a short session.

Outfit Of The Day:
Bag: L.S.D One Shot Side Tuned 
Rod: Jackson Super Trickster STC-60L-AS
Reel: Daiwa SS Air

After the first half an hour or so, i noticed that the peacocks were not in the mood for hard bodied lures as there was little to no interest. The moment i swapped the lures out to soft plastics ,the bite rate increased noticeably. I spent the next hour switching between hard bodies and soft plastics just for experimental sake. 

This one was landed on a Garagecraft Mylar Minnow soft plastic, prior to that i dropped another peacock which was also on soft plastic as well right before landing! The hard bodies continued to score a big fat zero until the end of the day.