Thursday, 19 June 2014

Short trip

Managed to squeeze out an hour plus right before dusk for a short session.

Outfit Of The Day:
Bag: L.S.D One Shot Side Tuned 
Rod: Jackson Super Trickster STC-60L-AS
Reel: Daiwa SS Air

After the first half an hour or so, i noticed that the peacocks were not in the mood for hard bodied lures as there was little to no interest. The moment i swapped the lures out to soft plastics ,the bite rate increased noticeably. I spent the next hour switching between hard bodies and soft plastics just for experimental sake. 

This one was landed on a Garagecraft Mylar Minnow soft plastic, prior to that i dropped another peacock which was also on soft plastic as well right before landing! The hard bodies continued to score a big fat zero until the end of the day.


  1. Hello. I could use some advice for my BFS rod.. I am thiking of MC Volkey BFS 692XUL or 652UL. Lures would be small cranks max to jackall chubby, megabass griffons or minnows 5-6cm ( maximum 7-8cm), aswell as plastics and metal lures up to 7-9g max. Average bait would be 3-6 grams. Maybe any other brand rods suggestion in the same price range? Rod should be 2 piece only.. Thanks for the information and for this blog ;)

  2. Hi would like to have ur opinion on having FC as main line.Watched Some videos on baitfinesse by the japs and it seems that they are using FC as their main line but what about the leader? are they using any? or is it juz plain main line all the way?

  3. Hi Daryl,

    For straight fc style fishing no leader is being used. The mainline is fished straight. For fc mainline the main advantage is the low visibility and for me not tying leader is also a plus point for simplicity. I would advise you to choose a good low diameter and low stretch quality fc if you are just starting on using fc. This is because low quality fc line will have very poor sensitivity and alot of stretch, this will be a big contrast from general braid line fishing that you may be used to and likely give you a really bad first impression.

    1. thanks for the reply would love to fish with u one day u can contact me at 97524022 if u wish
      i loaded my reel with #1 seaguar fc line

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    3. ルアー釣り5 September 2014 07:13
      Hi Daryl!

      I hope the Seaguar fc is doing you good! I personally like to use 7lb FC line as a good medium between abrasion resistance and finesse applications. If you enjoyed Seaguar lines do check out their R18 series, those are some really good FC lines, albeit it may be a bit tricky to get your hands on them locally, but can be found online. Thanks for the invite my friend! Hope we'll meet on the water! I'm sure many of you guys are already very familiar with the gears we use and we can be easily spotted at local fishy spots! If you see us do say hi! We love all readers of our blog! =D

      Tight Lines Always Mate!