Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Baitfinesse trout 進撃の巨人

Some days while hunting for rabbits, you may just stumble upon the lion's den. That's how it felt today when a big fat Haruan decided to make my day. I had a few hours to spare before going to work in the evening so what better way to spend it than to go for a short fishing trip.

Just 2 days back, i had about 10mins on the water before a thunderstorm came in and had me scrambling back to the car. But lucky for me i somehow managed 1 fish before the rain fell.

Today started out slow, the sun was hiding behind the clouds but the hight humidity level left the air feeling stale and sticky. Off we went though, rigged up with a 2" Jackall Peke Peke mebaru rubber on a 1g Daiwa jighead. I bounced the jig on the bottom slowly and was soon rewarded with several nice cichilids.

After arriving at an area where peacocks were more prone to lurk i decided to go with a lure swap. I made several casts and on a particular retrieve i decided to slow the lure down about 4 feets away from me and made short hard jerks. As the lure came within no more than 50cm from my feet, a dark shadow appeared from nowhere, snatched the lure, and went on it's first run taking over 20m of line out of the spool. The fish wasn't shy to show itself and leaped into the air fully clearing it's entire body while giving me a good look at the behemoth. "Owh fuck here we go.." i muttered under my breath.

I had a tiny lure with tiny and thin stock hooks, 5lb fluoro line at 0.185mm thick (or thin) and a noodly soft rod. A recipe for disaster i guess. But 10mins or so later with  countless runs, many heart stopping moments and several close shaves, i somehow managed to land the bugger. And behold...


The lure that did the trick

After a few mugshots, shakey hands and a sigh of relief, the beauty was slid gently back into the water and off it went. What a great day.

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